Little Cakes

Our muffin-sized cupcakes are £30 for 12 of one flavour

A light but moist pure Madagascan vanilla sponge topped with sweet and smooth vanilla buttercream – choose your colour!

red velvet

Chocolate flavour sponge, coloured bright red and smothered with our smooth cream cheese icing

salted caramel

Moist vanilla sponge topped with addictive salted caramel buttercream. There’s a secret dollop of home-made salted caramel inside each cupcake

chocolate mousse

Our best seller. Our classic chocolate sponge with fluffy Belgian chocolate mousse icing


A good old-fashioned carrot cake, with a pillow of our delicious cream cheese icing on top


Yes it sounds crazy, but it’s out of this world.  A classic vanilla sponge is topped with bacon flavour buttercream, with a little sprinkle of bacon bits.  A salt and sweet dream


Lemon flavoured light and fluffy sponge cake with tangy lemon curd icing – you really have to love lemon to like this one – there’s also a dollop of our home-made lemon curd hiding inside each cupcake

peanut butter

Melt in the mouth sponge cake with lashings of peanut butter icing – not as sweet as your average cupcake – can be Americanised with a dollop of jam in the cake, to make a classic PB&J cupcake


Our classic Belgian chocolate cupcake infused with a hint of coffee, topped with a light coffee buttercream


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